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(no subject)  
11:33am Sunday,9/28/2008
I've been thinking here latly. It was probably triggered by hearing about Raye getting in an acident. I started comparing my realtionship with her with the one I have with Penny. When I was with Raye I not only could tell her anything, I felt compelled to tell her everything, yet with Penny I find it hard to be open with her, proobably because how little she is open with me. I have to admit I have less fun with Penny, esspally latly, then I did with Raye, even towards the end. I finnally had to ask Penny what she wants from me, and it was only then that she did tell me that she wanted to be just freinds, claiming that she never really was alone after brandn. I honestly don't know where to go to from here, but I do know that I really do need to feel loved.
On a differnt note, tomorrow I'm having an interveiw for a mechanic job at work, a job that I've been told that I pretty much I already got, so yeah that's a good thing.
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mood: depresseddepressed
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it worries me  
01:37am Tuesday,9/2/2008
So yeah a few things happened tonight that hadn't quite some time. The first was Penny coming here, and things went well I thought. The second and more importantly is that we actually talked with each other. We even got into a bit of a fight. Honestly I worry that Penny is so lost that she doesn't see any way out besides taking her own life. Also sometimes I think that she has too negative opinion of sex, although I guess I can of see where she comes from, she hasn't been treated right by many guys in her life. I wish she'd just tell me more often what she wants and what she is really thinking about. I'm not sure where we are going, or if we'll even be together for that much longer.
On the up side I watched "license to wed" for the first time after she went to bed, and it was good and true enough I do think of Penny at the end of each day.

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mood: worriedworried
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plans falling through  
07:23pm Saturday,7/26/2008
the last few times me and Penny planed on getting together, something has come up on her end, mostly something her parents come up with; and I lose. It just makes me feel so small and unimportant to her. Today we had plans to go see Hellboy 2, like we were going to a week ago Thursday. Turns out that her parents needed her at home to work on something that really could've bloody waited. Sometimes I really wonder if she does care about me. I just don't understand why she lets her family have so much control over her, she needs time away from them, and people making demands on her and it seams the only way I can give that to her is to order her myself. I'm just tired of ending up on the short side of the stick, I don't have any idea what to do about it though

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mood: depresseddepressed
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01:43pm Monday,5/12/2008
it's in those times when walls start to come down, that I have the most dificulty holding on to things, regardless that I know they'll hurt.
Let me rewind a bunch
Back Easter weekend, I had made plans and was looking forward to spending time with Penny, like really signifagant time with her, and I thought things had all been aranged. It ended up being only a couple of hours, durring which she refused to show any affection to me at all. That hurt, more than just about anything she could've done. She blamed at first her brother's girlfreind (who was with us annoyingly), and I pretty much told her that it wasn't a good thing that she did. Then Thrusday, I talked to Dawn again, she gave me a ride into work, and we kissed. That Sunday, I spent some time at her place, ending the night with more kissing, and poisably only because she had to work early in the morning, did it end with just kissing.
Since then, I've talked with Dawn rather rarly, leaving me with the feeling that I was just a rebound kisser for her (she also had a rough easter weekend). It was this Saterday, just passed that I was next with Penny. Things went well, I found out that her family doesn't want her to be around me (they think I'm abusive), as well as her brother was reporting back. They went well until I started to tell her about Dawn. She stopped lesting and became hurt, and while I tried to comfort her but she just left. I spent most of yesterday mooping around, and now I have to go into work.
mood: depresseddepressed
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it's been nearly 3 months  
04:48pm Saturday,1/5/2008
I was just thinking on when the last time I was with Penny, and I think it was some time in October, quite nearly three months. Regardless of how rocky our realtionship has been latly, I still miss her, and want to be with her. I still don't think she knows what she wants, but I'm fairly sure that I want her. *sigh* I wish I had a car. I'm on my second night of my first ten night week of the year, I recently switched to working weekend nights. Nothing much else going on in my life.
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mood: nostalgicnostalgic
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this might get deep  
03:10am Monday,11/26/2007
I've had a fairly horrid weekend, I wish I could've done something else. I don't know, let me back track awhile. This is going to be mostly about Penny, not Moon or work. I asked her to marry me at the beginning of September, she said yes at the time but by the middle of october she broke it off. Yet we still kept talking with each other, and there's still alot of emotion between us. two weeks ago I visited her and stayed at her house. Things seamed mostly alright, just slightly off kilter. She wanted me to want her, yet just wanted to be held. She said she wanted me there with her (and her family) for thanksgiving, even to the point to where she was thinking of getting me the day before, but she never did come. Add to that, during this weekend, she's once again not saying much of anything to me at all, single word answers and not asking me much are pretty much the limit of what she's talked with me since thanksgiving.
I've started to think that maybe I should think about going "back on the market". Now this might seam like a jump from what I saying in the last paragraph, but bear with me. When Penny broke off the engagement, she told me a couple of things. First off, that I'm not Brandon (her first and only other serious ex), that because of that she can't give me her heart; and that I do annoy her at times, especially in person. I wanted to try to push through, to try to make her at least give me anouther chance, but I've thought more about it this weekend, in the back of my mind for most of it, but it's come more out in the open today, especially tonight. I'm begaing to think that not only will I never fully be what she wants, I have much doubt that she'll really be what I want in a person. Now when I say that, I mean while I've been dating her, my mind has wondered more often to other women, and I'm beginning to think the things that bug me about her will never change, possibly because she doesn't want to change them, or even know what or how to change them.
Much as this hurts, I think it's time to just move on, or at least that's what I'm beginning to think.
So, in my passing, and to kinda see what's out there, I've checked some on what's out there. I don't know, it's probably too soon for me to really do that, to really admit that it's over for me and Penny, even though that I've already done mostly just that. It still hurts, and I'm still lonely.

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mood: depresseddepressed
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a Moon rant  
05:21pm Thursday,10/18/2007
about a week ago, jen contacted me, telling me that they moved to ohio back in april. Mind you that explains why she hasn't asked me for money since like march or so, but still it pisses me off that she didn't tell me shit about planning to move and was trying to tell me (and was telling welfare) that her and rob had spilt. I got told that she would tell me the next time they were in ny and I might get to spend some time with Moon, and that's about as good as anything she's tried to tell me, and I'm not sure how much to belive of it. Add to that social sevices is pushing me to get insurance through work for Moon, nothing that I can really aford. and it's not going to do her very much good, espally if, as I supect, jen hasn't told ny state soicial severices that they moved out of state. I'm faced with the prospect of not seeing Moon much at all again, and that hurts and getting ass rimmed for her to boot. I mean it wouldn't be so bad if I could just get her insured but to get her insured I need to get "family" insurance, meaning I'd get insurance that I'm fairly sure I'm not going use, and doubt I need. I know it'll cost more the 40 a week, and really I think that's close to insane. Moon might be slightly better off in ohio, even though I do miss spending time with her, and I still don't know how to tell my mom that she moved. I feel like a really bad father at times. I don't plan on moving to ohio, and I still might try to get some level of physical custidy of her. I just don't know how much

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mood: grumpygrumpy
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03:38pm Saturday,2/24/2007
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mood: groggygroggy
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running to the alter  
10:59pm Sunday,1/14/2007
I think I might've made a mistake. Yesterday, I spent some serious time with my girlfreind and her family. For a change we spent time together at her house. On the plus note that ment we didn't need to say an early goodnight to each other, but it also ment that we were more or less supervised, at least more then we would've been here. I think it made me more realize that things really were seriuos with the two of us. I guess it got me sort of scared, and feeling like things are moving too fast. To make me more feel confussed, I told her that, more or less, anyway, and she has basicaly stopped talking to me now. Now don't get me wrong, I do love her, more then I loved Raye I do belive, just it feels like things are going too fast for me. I just don't know for sure what's up. I guess I just need time to think some things through.

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mood: confusedconfused
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Penny for my thoughts  
06:42pm Monday,1/8/2007
I know it's been quite awhile since I posted, well, I'm still alive, in case anyone was wondering. I've been datting a girl. Things are mostly going great, just a couple things worry me about her. Her family is fairly rellgeious, and close, they gave bibles out for presnts for her bother's kids. Yes, stuff like this, worring about what Moon would be raised to belive, if me and the girl I'm dating were to marry. Anouther thing is that she has told me that she wants to get married this year, and that I'm not really her first choice, her ex is, but I'm definatly next on the list I think. I know why she wants to get married this year (biological clock with a no sex before marrage rule), just really don't know if it's rushing things. But otherwise things are good with her, it feels sorta differnt and good in a way to be the one who knows more about realationships, just not sure if I'll lose her or not, guess that's what is holding me back a bit.
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